ATYPE Sizzle Reel 

Under Armour

We were asked to create an internal film that would help introduce A-Type, a capsule collection and social movement for Under Armour that would be helmed by A$AP Rocky as brand ambassador and creative director.

The Approach

A collage style mixed media approach. We combined gritty archival to create a raw, immersive piece. Leaning on the energy of the street today, ATYPE was meant to represent the collision of two worlds, sport and street, a uniform for the rebel youth and the underdog.

The video was to be an internal hype-piece that would herald the start of a year long program encompassing experiential, performances and an *incubator space where young artists could come and find community.

*House ATYPE - the yearlong incubator / pop up space at 329 Broome, provided young creators in music, film, fashion, art, and culture with the tools, skills and knowledge to let their voices be heard.

Sizzle edit direction, co-led archival research, art direction