STUDS Loves New York

A 360º Campaign

2020 was a year that changed the world. It was a year that disrupted existing systems, exposed structural weaknesses and highlighted untenable societal injustices. At the same time, it was a year that invited reflection, strengthened connections, and pushed us to imagine better ways to nurture both ourselves and our communities.  
A year on, we’re seeing cities come to life again. Including ours. Fun is back, temporarily. Working with Studs on their summer campaign, our goal was to spotlight the iconic people and spaces who’ve helped keep New York City alive - and fed, specifically – and whose unique efforts have both created new community and sustained the old.

Campaign Overview

New York’s diverse food scene is undeniably tied to its identity. With food as the great connector, restaurants, cafes, delis and bodegas have long been places to gather community and be nourished, in more ways than one. Impact driven, this campaign was about giving back to the individuals and places that have fed us all.

With that in mind, Studs released charms and studs inspired by various iconic spaces, i.e. dumplings, coffee cups, pretzel carts, and pizza etc, for their summer collection.

Product sold out within days. And $15,000 of proceeds from sales went to Chinatown Love, a not-for-profit helping restaurants and local businesses get back on their feet.

Creative direction, art direction, casting research and direction

Press: Refinery29, The Cut

Campaign components

Piercing Bus Tour
A multi-stop piercing bus tour making stops at our favorite local watering holes.
Wheat-paste series inclusive of on-location talent portraiture and still life imagery of hero SKUs.
Digital Storytelling
We extended the storytelling online via the O&O Studs website and social.
A 2-part partnership play encompassing UGC / influencer collaborations and donations to the Chinatown Love  not-for-profit.

Totes and more, designed by the STUDS’ in-house graphic designer.

Out Of Home - Wheatpastes

Visual Direction

Action and spontaneity characterize New York. It’s a city of chance encounters, impromptu sidewalk meetings, errands and run-ins. stops. We integrated this texture into our visual language across still photography, audio and video assets.
Talent and jewelry were heroed in the midst of their local environments. We captured restaurant owners in action; models quasi-unposed, unpolished, cute, and authentic.

Still Life Approach

We used still-life to hero the collection: each piece was paired with the appropriate establishment or restaurant. For example, the coffee cup charm might live in the midst of spilled coffee, pastry crumbs, a lipstick stained napkin.

At such close quarters (the jewelry is small), the mis-en-scene leant towards more abstract and textural. Result: Tongue-in-cheek, a little messy, and always approachable. Examples below:

Client: STUDS, Producer: Ray Blackwood-Bloom, Photographer: Anna Ritsch, Prop Stylist: Javier Irigoyen, Creative Director: Isioma Iyamah