Nike WWC Social: Kim and Kebra


“Young girls with dreams become women with vision”.

In sports, we have both the need and the opportunity to make this true. Girls are dropping out of sports for a number of reasons: a lack of relatable, yet aspirational role models, limited access to venues and spaces, and difficulty seeing a successful future in sport.

The Approach

With New York City as home turf, we helped craft a multi-turf content program geared towards telling the stories of girls in sports, who see it as a space for growth, self-empowerment and formation of life-long bonds.

As part of the larger Women’s World Cup campaign, we shot a social piece where we met with Kim and Kebra, two best friends who push each other both on the field and off.
Here, we learn how the game gave them the armor to withstand and grow in spite of doubt, both internal and external. 

Role: Creative development, edit and narrative direction