Second Act

Created with MailChimp
VICE partnered with MailChimp to launch a profile series around people who have chosen to dramatically alter their career path late in life, taking the risk that comes with shaking up the established and the safe.
Second Act: mid-life crises? Or a real chance at self-actualization? 

The Approach

Our team was tasked with casting, research, story development and production of the series. We traveled to 5 different states in a little over one month, spending time immersing ourselves into the lives of five intrepid ‘Second Acters’.
Role: Creative development, interview, edit direction: (narrative, music and title graphics)

The Result

Their stories were beautiful, inspiring, and poignant. Among the characters we encountered were a postal-worker turned master violin maker in Omaha, Nebraska, a trader who gave everything up to become an oyster farmer in Portland, Maine, a stuck-in-the mud IT QA expert who at 56 started the very successful pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York, among others.
The through-line was an optimistic and powerful lesson to never give up, to keep seeking through trials and tribulations.

Content Launch

We launched with dark-post social trailers across FB/IG and YouTube. The trailers drove to MailChimp’s proprietary content hub, with the series also living on VICELAND. View current episodes here.