Jeff Koons' Guide to Transcendence

Created with Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton tasked VICE (GARAGE) with creating a suite of content that would seed awareness and engagement for the LV x Koons capsule collection throughout GARAGE’s O&O and on social.
Within the program, which was inclusive of a Virgil Abloh x Jeff Koons panel event as well as an exclusive themed dinner, Jeff Koons’ Guide To Transcendence was one of the more whimsical content pieces we created.

The Approach

Koons believes that viewing art is an empowering and amplifying experience; one that allows people to transcend self-imposed limitations and parameters.
As he is one of the most expensive artists in the world, we were fascinated by this dichotomy. Inspired, we shot a film that visually unpacks his philosophy and creative journey.

Creative development and concept, art direction, director

Visual Language

Embracing the bizarro, colorfully tongue-in-cheek aesthetic inherent to Koons’ work, the film was less a profile piece than a trip through the artist’s psyche. We used sound effects, animated graphics, mega zooms and cutty transitions to lend both humor and topic-appropriate expansive energy to the narrative flow.

Click for below for video:

Content Launch

We launched the piece with social trailers formatted for Instagram and Facebook. The film premiered alongside GARAGE editorial.