Born In Los Altos 


Cazadores, a relatively young Mexican Tequila brand, tasked us with developing creative that would enable the Cazadores Brand to increase familiarity, relevance and connection with 25-34 year olds by telling both the emotional and the intrinsic story of the brand.
In competition with the Casamigos and Espolons of the world, the brand was experiencing a case of lost identity, drowning itself out by trying to emulate more mature brands.

The Approach

We pitched the idea of creating a campaign that revolved around the Cazadores ecosystem, the community - the people, the plants, the region and the liquid itself, as opposed to telling the same tired ‘sexy tequila’ story that pervades the industry.  

The campaign included over 40 different pieces of content, from charming short profile films that highlighted the vibrance, idiosyncrasies, personalities and pride of the real people of Los Altos community where Cazadores is born, to out of home postings, to an interactive partner destination (with Munchies) that mapped out key cuisine hot spots in Los Altos.

Role: Pre-pitch creative concept and development, art direction briefing.