Streaming with Snickers

Created with MARS
Snickers wanted to reposition themselves as the hanger snack of choice among the convenience-oriented Millennial & Gen-Z audience.

The Approach

Aligning snacking with binge-watching snackable VICE content, we developed the idea of using VICE playlists and custom pre-roll interstitials as a vehicle for promoting Snickers as a convenient re-fueler across all VICE channels.
Creative concept, development, casting and art direction  

The interstitials centered around a single protagonist navigating a bizarre set of hunger symptoms, speaking to the immersive nature of our custom playlists while hitting on key Snickers brand messaging. Each was paired with each passion-centric playlist: top performing content in sports, gaming, and entertainment.

Mitzi gets carried away at the easel.

Mitzi is asked tough questions about tools.

Mitzi has trouble centering herself.
Treating the spots as a binge watcher’s palate cleanser, we leaned into the zany kitsch typical of our VICELAND interstitials, keeping each surreal and dynamic to keep viewers energized.