Jeff Koons' Guide to Transcendence

Created with Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton tasked us with creating a suite of content that would seed awareness and engagement for the LV x Koons capsule collection throughout GARAGE’s (VICE) O&O and social channels. Jeff Koons’ Guide To Transcendence was one of the pieces we released.

The Approach

Koons believes that viewing art is an empowering and amplifying experience; one that allows people to transcend self-imposed limitations and parameters present in their own lives. As he is one of the most expensive artists in the world, we were fascinated by this dichotomy. Inspired, we shot a film that visually unpacks his philosophy and creative journey. 
Creative development and concept, director

Look & Feel

Embracing the bizarro, colorfully tongue-in-cheek aesthetic inherent to Koons’ work, the film was less a profile piece than a trip through the artist’s psyche. We used sound effects, animated graphics, mega zooms and cutty transitions to lend both humor and topic-appropriate expansive energy to the narrative flow.

Content Launch

Social Assets

We launched the piece with social trailers formatted for Instagram and Facebook. The film premiered alongside GARAGE editorial.